Dragon Con Is Coming!!!

If you’re in the Atlanta area on Labor Day weekend, be sure to stop by the 29th Annual Dragon Con. Dragon Con is a convention that encompasses all things entertainment, popular culture, fantasy, scifi, and more! Yours’ truly will be on hand, representing two of our podcasts (Swimcast and Flux Capacicast). Check out the lineup:

This is Heavy: The Science of Back to the Future

A deep dive into time travel, jiggawatts and flux capacitators fluxing.

Location: Marriott M303-M304
Date: Friday, Sep 4 1:00 PM


Delorean Repair Guide, or How to Travel through Time via Science!

The Alternate History and Sci-Fi Classics Tracks join forces to present a unique take on our usual time travel panel to celebrate Back to the Future’s 30th anniversary. We accelerate to 88 mph and talk about the real science behind time travel, be it theoretical, fictional, or via hovercar.

Location: Westin Augusta 1-2
Date: Saturday, Sep 5 4:00 PM


Swimcast Party

The Swimcast provides news and info about [adult swim], but tonight it provides party time and fun games!

Location: Hyatt Dunwoody
Date: Saturday, Sep 5 8:30 PM


Back to the Future: 30th Anniversary & Costume Contest

Where this celebration is going, we don’t need roads. Hoverboard over for our Back to the Future cosplay contest!

Location: Marriott M303-M304
Date: Sunday, Sep 6 5:30 PM


Aqua Teen Hunger Force Fan Panel

The longest-running original [adult swim] series, ATHF sang its swan song in 2015. We look at its impact & future.

Location: Hyatt Dunwoody
Date: Monday, Sep 7 1:00 PM


Who knows, there may also be a special podcast record or three…

Hope you can join in on all (or most/some) of the fun antics. Even if you just stop in and say hi… I don’t (really) bite.

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