Lord Hellmutt Invades – Idle Chatter Podcast 14

Andrew’s old pal Chris Reeves joins on this episode to chat about the good old days of working in a childcare center. In particular, the conversation settled in on discussing at length the humor one could find in seeking out the typos the lunch lady made while filling out the lunch menu each month. Chicken Dummies, anyone?

lord hellmutt

Remember Rax Roast Beef? Our nostalgic minds tell us that it was better than Arby’s. A few locations still exist and we’d love to know…is it actually better? We vividly remember the crocodile mascot on the kids’ meals and the font on the sign for the restaurant itself.

Remember that one time when Shaq was an actor? In a DC comics movie, no less? It’s funny to think these days that DC comics movies have really come no further. Shaq has always been interesting. He advertises jock itch powder and candy bars, but out favorite is when he got into a word pronouncing argument in a commercial. What do you think is it “Care-a-mel” or “Car-mel?”

As if this chat couldn’t get any more random, Chris reminisced on the old days playing in bands in high school and having the opportunity to play with the one and only LORD HELLMUTT. HELLMUTT must have sensed a disturbance in the force while he spoke about him because he decided to dive-bomb our episode and call in. He even took the time out of his busy schedule to perform for us.

You won’t forget this one, folks.

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