Yes, it has indeed been a busy week or so here at ACPN. We’ve been cranking out some amazing podcasts for your listening enjoyment, as well as bringing in fresh new podcasts. Having said that, the hits keep on coming…

It gives me great pleasure to announce that comedian and King of TV, Paul Goebel, has made ACPN the home for his newest podcast: Comedians Shame-Eating in Drive-Thrus. In each episode, Paul invites a fellow comedian to dine at his or her drive-thru of choice while chatting about their experiences in comedy as well as many other topics of choice.

We’re super excited to add CSEiDT to the ACPN line-up and you will be able to listen to new as well as older episodes soon. Right now, check out the latest episode below on our SoundCloud as well as over on iTunes and Stitcher!


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