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Pee-ew! Our latest episode raises quite a stink when it comes to odors of the odd and the stench of the supernatural! Join us as we explore how our sense of smell relates to the paranormal as we talk to the creator of Paranormal Potpourri (the Yankee Candles of the supernatural), and the Author of “the Stench of Fortea” and smell medium (not hard) Charley Buttall. This is a NEVER-BEFORE-AIRED lost episode! Originally shelved due to being offensive, technically mediocre and incomplete, the producers of Cosmic Castoff have resurrected “The Stench of Fortea” in honor of our murdered former host, Colin Fitzgerald. We hope this shines a light on who he was as a man and broadcaster.. Sometimes vulnerable and pensive, usually confused and angry. It’s WET DOGS, UNKEMPT PEOPLE, NEWSPAPER SHITS, THE ZOMBIE PARADE, FUCKING (NOT)BUTTER and MUCH MORE!!!
“Dedicated to Colin Fitzgerald, R.I.P.”

Written, produced, edited and starring:
Colin Fitzgerald
Will McConnell and Preston Grames
Guest Starring:
Evan Moore
Daniel Ahrens (Charley Buttall)
Luke Runyon (Don Creme)
featuring “I Still Can’t Be-Fucking-lieve It’s not Butter” produced by and starring Evan Moore

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