Childhood Remastered: Episode 58 – The Hugga Bunch Movie

This week’s episode is a listener request that frankly neither of us had ever heard of… until now (sadly). At the time this TV movie was produced it was the most expensive TV movie ever made. Our question is where the hell did the budget go? We still can’t decide. The Hugga Bunch was a half live action, half puppetry production made purely as nightmare fuel for children in order to indoctrinate them to buy a set of terrifying dolls. On its surface, the movie seems rather straightforward. However, when you actually pay closer attention to the subtext, this is a far more complex story than we initially expected. Come grab a listen and see how deep the subtext goes, and see if the nightmare is worth experiencing.

In the film, a girl travels through her mirror into HuggaLand to find a way to keep her grandmother—the only one who knows how to hug—young.


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Full film via Youtube:

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