Cosmic Castoff: CosCast in the Morning!

It’s (the last) CosCast in the Morning! While shock-jock Skorch is on hiatus the Cosmic Castoff crew has taken over the coveted morning drive-time slot! With a bigger audience and more attention, the guys have hit their stride with the wacky, balls to the wall “Coscast in the Morning!” But alas, all good things come to an end, and this is indeed the last episode before they must return to relative obscurity.. But before they do, the guys will take one last ride and discuss everything from the almighty dollar (cha-ching!), flouride in the water (are you EFFIN’ kidding ME?!), the Perpendicular Planet Theorem and much much more! Also included is a touching tribute to Glen Falls, the CosCast in the morning Helicopter News and Traffic reporter, who tragically died when he crashed into a church er.. school. Episode sponsored by Growth Factor X!

Written, Produced by and Starring:
Colin Fitzgerald
Will A. McConnell
Preston Grames

featuring music by:
BenSound: (
TeknoAXE Royalty Free Music: (
Purple Planet Music: (

Featuring Sound Effects from:
CMIUC100 (youtube)

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