Westside Fairytales: 203 – The Water-Rotted Doll (Part One)

ACPN is proud to welcome a brand-new podcast to our Family: Westside Fairytales is an anthology of dark fiction and horror stories written, read, and produced by Tyler Bell. Each podcast runs from around 30 to 45 minutes, and is mostly straightforward narration. Like an audiobook! Check out the latest episode (as well as all upcoming and previous right here, and over at https://westsidefairytales.com/as well as iTunes, Stitcher, and more!

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I swam out into the ocean one time, racing with a friend of mine. I was younger and stronger than I am now, and I swam a quarter mile to a buoy just off the shore. The excitement of the race faded as the sounds of the people on the beach disappeared, as the water grew cold when we passed beyond the edge of the sandbar.

Out that far, there’s nothing to hear but the steady rumble and shift of the ocean around you. Every salty breath becomes precious as you realize that any mistake, any moment of indecision or hesitation could see you slipping down beneath those waves into dark. And it is dark. So very, very dark.

Today’s tale is the story of a woman’s journey from a war torn country to one of safety and prosperity. It is a time of sickness, of death, and the specter of death itself follows her on her voyage in the form of an ugly doll made of plaster. Today’s podcast will cover only the first half of the story, and the second half will be available next episode, so make sure to subscribe to us on iTunes, Stitcher, or wherever you get your podcasts. Links are below.

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