Westside Fairytales: #205 – The Green Man

Guilt grows like a weed in the hearts of sinners.

It’s hard to imagine anybody who’s never wronged another person. At some point, all of us are going to make a decision we’ll have trouble living with for the rest of our lives. And even if it’s a small thing, a trifle, it’ll sit with you in the dark hours of the night, stroking the skin at the back of your neck to keep you awake.

Tonight’s story is about just such a feeling. A young boy in a bad neighborhood does something awful, and as he tries to move on from the deed, he finds it haunting him at every step. Never letting up for a second.

If you’re looking for something to listen to between episodes, you should check out the @CanadianTCpod by Kristi Lee. The Robert Pickton series is great and you should start there. https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/canadian-true-crime/id1197095887?mt=2

f you’re in the market for a book right now you need to buy M.L. Rio’s stellar “If We Were Villains.” It’s a heartfelt tragedy full of love, suspicion, death, and plenty of Shakespeare. The E Book is on sale this month for like 4 dollars. Go find it and buy it, this author needs to be more famous. https://www.amazon.com/If-We-Were-Villains-Novel/dp/125009528X

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