Does your podcast have what it takes to join the ranks of the ACPN? We are CURRENTLY accepting submissions to join the network. Just fill out the form below with the information required, and we’ll see if you’re up to the challenge.


  • Your podcast should AT LEAST be 6 – 12 months old, and on iTunes and/or SoundCloud.
  • Does your podcast have a specific theme? Is it something yet to appear on the ACPN? I.e.: A podcast about a particular film/tv show/entertainment? What makes it stand out? Do you talk about knitting various Batman logos? Is it a show about woodworking (we probably won’t approve a show about woodworking. Then again, who knows)? While we love “geek talk” shows, we’d love to hear from shows that not only have something different, but have the average listener talk back to the show as you’re trying to engage them by discussing topics.
  • While we love being “affiliated” with various shows, we would prefer you remained loyal to the ACPN brand. Having said that, if you’re a part of another “network” or hosted by someone else, please don’t apply. We’re hoping to grow our own pod-net community, not just be another “sponsor” on your bumper.