The ACPN Scenario

Akin to the shows of Garry Marshall or Norman Lear, most of the podcasts on ACPN were at one point or another spun off of each other…

  • In 2011, Adventure Club Podcast was established due to John J. wanting to cut out a lot of the “BS Time” on The Swimcast.
  • Guy Hutchinson started bunchojunk (formerly Adventure Club EXTRA, 2012) as a separate entity to Adventure Club proper for when John J. wasn’t available to record with him and a guest.
  • In 2012, Guy began a series of episodes on both ACP and bunchojunk dealing with the film “Back to the Future,” which was eventually spun-off into Flux Capacicast (2013).
  • In 2013,  Guy had a chat with Dana Snyder on bunchojunk, in which they discussed the concept of making a podcast about Disney themeparks. Drunk on Disney (2013) was then born.
  • On the 2013 Halloween episode of ACP, guest Jordan Hass voices his lack of ANY podcasts. John J. responds that he would like to start a new podcast… Plopics (2013) was (maybe) created.